The main goal of the conference is to bring together experienced and young researchers in mathematical relativity, along with interested researchers and students of other areas in differential geometry from Mexico and other countries.


The list of invited speakers includes:

Luis Aké (UADY)
Aghil Alaee (Harvard University)
Lucas Ambrozio (IAS)
Otis Chodosh (Princeton/IAS)
Eugenia Gabach-Clement (IFEG-Conicet)
Greg Galloway (University of Miami)
Hyun Chul Jang (University of Connecticut)
Sophia Jahns (University of Tuebingen)
Dan Lee (CUNY)
Stephen McCormick (Uppsala University)
Claudia Moreno (UDG)
Raquel Perales (IMATE)
Dan Pollack (University of Washington)
Didier Solís (UADY)

The conference will provide accommodation for a limited number of registered participants, which will include breakfast and lunch, for the days of the conference . Partial support available for interested graduate students. We strongly encourage graduate students residing in Mexico, interested in differential geometry and mathematical relativity, to apply for funding.

Organizing Committee:
Armando Cabrera Pacheco, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Luis Hernández Lamoneda, CIMAT, México

For further information contact one of:
Armando Cabrera :
Norma Cortés:
Luis Hernández:

This conference is partly funded by the postdoctoral fellowship grant of Armando Cabrera Pacheco, sponsored by the Carl Zeiss Foundation